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The Dehler 32 is a fun boat. Whether you choose tiller or wheel steering this yacht handles like a dream – she points high and she tracks true. The cockpit design focuses on easy crew movement and line handling. Hiking on the coaming is as comfortable as possible thanks to smooth outer edges and top surfaces.

The companionway access design is brilliantly simple… a drop-down door which is lockable at stormboard height, with a roof hatch that disappears neatly into a cabin-top cavity. Like all Dehler yachts, the 32 is built from handlaid balsa-cored deck and hull mouldings that are laminated together, not bolted and glued. Floor beams are also laminated to the hull and aluminium reinforcing plates are laminated into deck stress points.

You can choose the standard cast iron T-keel, the racing cast iron T-keel with extreme low-point of gravity or the shallow cruising keel. Whichever keel you choose is fixed to a solid grid which is then laminated into the bilge using stainless steel bolts.
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