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The new flagship of the SwanLine, the Swan 115 has enjoyed immediate success around the globe since its launch in early 2014, with four yachts commissioned to date at Nautorís yard in Finland.
The Swan 115 is the ultimate Swan, combining the iconic style and quality the brand is renowned for with leading edge build techniques and materials.
The Swan 115 S features a Semi Raised saloon for those with more cruising in mind.
The new hull shape, with its plumb bow and wide stern, designed by German Frers have performance top of mind, with twin rudders for increased responsiveness.
The traditional teak interior is hand built by Nautorís expert craftsmen in Finland, with light oil wax satin finishes and modern details throughout. Nautorís team of interior designers and architects work closely with every client to define the Swan of their dreams.
The Swan 115 S has the ownerís cabin aft, plus three guest cabins, a Captainís cabin and two crew cabins forward. All guest cabins are ensuite.
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