Stearns Boating LLC is the J-Boat dealer for the Midwest. The company is located in down town Chicago and serves boaters in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

 Rich Stearns the owner has been racing sailboats since 1962 when he started sailing a Penguin dinghy and Sunfish. Since then he has raced and cruised all over the world. Rich was a Sailmaker for 25 years owning the Murphy & Nye Hood, Sobstad and Doyle franchises in Chicago. Along with racing he has cruised both monohulls and catamarans throughout the Caribbean.

 Rich Started in selling boats buy developing the LS-10 33 foot sailboat. Rich has sold J-Boats since 2000. Rich has known the Johnstone family for over 50 years sailing with and against Bob Johnstone when he lived in Wilmette Illinois in the 60’s and 70’s. In 2008 Stearns Boating LLC became the Midwest Hanse, dealer. When Hanse bought Dehler Stearns Boating took over as the Dehler dealer in the Midwest.
Rich is also the author of “Getting Started in Sailboat Racing” International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press / McGraw Hill 2004 and 2013. Second edition 2013.

Some of Rich’s sailing resume includes:

3 Olympic Campaigns (Soling)
Americas Cup Campaign Heart of America Main trimmer and sail co-coordinator
1st Soling Great Lakes Championship
2nd Soling North American Championship
1st T-10 North American Championships Skipper

2nd T-10 North American Championships four times
1st T-10 North American Championship (crew) 5 times
Chicago Mackinac race 49 times
            Record breaking run "Pied Piper" 1987
            1st overall 5 times Latest win "TOA" 2017
            1st to finish 4 times
            1st section 12 times
            2 time first overall double handed section
           1st (section) 3rd overall Single Handed Mackinac 2018
           Port Huron Mackinac race
            1st to finish 2 times
            1st overall 3 times
Millennium 600-mile Mackinac race 1st overall 2000
Detroit NOOD 1st overall 2002
Chicago NOOD 1st overall 1998 2002 2004 2005
Verve Cup 1st 2003 2004 2005 2006,2008
International 50 cup navigator “Insatiable”
Old SORC 1st 2 times
SORC 1st one time 3rd two times
Penguin regional Champion
Verve Cup first overall 2003
Key West first J-92s 2007
2nd IRC National Championship 2008
3rd J/70 regatta "fall brawl" Annapolis 2012
2021 NOOD Regatta 1st
1st J/109 North American Champion 2021 Crew Tactician
Developed and built LS 10 Sailboat
Started the J/70 class on Lake Michigan
Started the J/111 class on Lake Michigan
Started the J/88 class on Lake Michigan
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